Manage inventory across all your clinical departments

QSight® manages over $1 Billion of inventory annually for over 500 leading clinical departments such as interventional radiology, cath lab, operating rooms, and electrophysiology. All you need is a web-connected device and a barcode scanner.


Wound Closure

Owned & Consigned

Human Tissue &
Implant Tracking

Other Specialty

2:1 to 4:1 Average ROI

    Reduce Waste & Expense Associated with PPI

  • "Alert" settings to better identify shortages, overdue orders, loaned/borrowed product, overstocks, and more
  • Reduce expiring and obsolete inventory
  • Manage product recalls
  • Improve utilization and optimize your inventory

    Chain of Custody for Human Tissue & Implants

  • HIPAA compliant database
  • Streamlines the process of documenting supplies and implants in the clinical record
  • Get UDI data into electronic health record system for meaningful use
  • Chain of Custody and Temperature Logging
  • Temperature-controlled RFID enclosures (freezers, refrigerators, and cabinets)

    Single View Across Network

  • Standardize processes and data across departments and IDN
  • Single global item master
  • Optimize and share inventory across the hospital and/or network

    Seamless Integration

  • Updates clinical documentation near real-time
  • Integrates with all major hospital systems (MMIS, ORIS, EHR, ADT)
  • Global item master integrated to the GUDID for FDA required UDI data
  • Single software code base with quarterly agile updates

    Powerful Analytics

  • Track cost per case and physician
  • Standardize processes and data across departments and health network/IDN
  • Optimize and share inventory – eliminate waste by moving inventory to where it will be used
  • Single global item master of over 500K unique SKUs

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